Hibarigaoka Housing Complex

The Hibarigaoka Housing Complex was built in1959, in the area straddling the border of three towns in Kitatama Gun: Tanashi, Hoya, and Kurume - presently they are a part of Nishi-Tokyo or Higashi-Kurume. With 2,714 dwelling units in total, it was one of the largest housing complexes in Japan at that time. All the dwelling units were for rent. The dwelling units were divided into several types according to their layout, such as the 1DK-type, a unit with 1 bedroom and a dining room with a kitchen; or the 4K-type, a unit with 4 bedrooms and a kitchen. The most popular type was 2DK-type, which you seen now, which means units with 2 bedrooms and a dining room with a kitchen. Each dwelling unit was equipped with an entrance door with cylinder lock, and had a spacious dining kitchen and bathroom. Those facilities ensured residents' privacy and established the concept of "the house of the new era" in Japan - in those days, residents of many apartment houses had to share not only bathrooms, but even toilets and kitchen with other residents.