Screen of Shrines at Nikko-Toushou-guu

On this screen is illustrated the shrine at which the 3rd shogun Iemitsu went to pray at Nikkou-Tosho-guu. This screen is estimated to have been illustrated in the first half of the Edo era around 1640AD.
Nikkou-Tosho-sha is a shrine built in 766. This shrine served also as a temple. Ieyasu is enshrined in this shrine after his death. As a wish for peace in Kanto area, he had himselfed enshrined here. He made this order to archbishop Tenkai. The 3rd shogun Iemitsu made some extensive addition to extensively the original shrine.
On the left of the screen, Tosho-guu is illustrated. And on the right, the Imaichi city where the shogun and his retainers stayed is illustrated. The shogun caravan illustrated is headed towards Imaichi city.

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