Residence of Daimyo

This model is based on the Daimyo's residence of Matsudaira Iyo-no-kami Tadamasa. Daimyos were feudal lords of Japan. This was his Edo residence located in front of the main gate of the Edo castle. His domain was Fukui but his family had to stay in Edo city as hostages. Most Daimyo had to spend one out of every other year in Edo. This was called Sankin-koutai (Daimyo's alternative attendant every other year). This was a policy designed by the government to minimize the risk of Daimyo led uprising.
Unfortunately, this residence was burned down by the Great Fire in 1657. Such a luxurious residence was not built after this.
The scale of this model is 1/30. A 150cm(5ft) tall man would be 5cm(2in) on this scale.