Expansion of Edo Area

These maps show the expansions Edo experienced over the decades.
Ieyasu constructed the moats surrounding Edo castle and strengthened the defense of it. At the same time, the inhabitable area for people was expanded. The landmass of the bay changed substantially between 1590 and 1660.
With this map, we can see the impressive expansion of Edo city.
The 1st step ( 1590 - 1603 )

This is a map before Ieyasu came to Edo.
The bay named Hibiya existed near Edo castle.
The 2nd step ( 1603 - 1615 )

Ieyasu came to Edo and began constructing Edo city. The hill in Kanda was leveled and the soil was used as refill for what once was Hibiya Bay.
The 3rd step ( 1615 - 1660 )

Other bays were reclaimed further for added expansions. Unfortunately, reclaimed land was not suitable for habitation. Nevertheless the land was transformed and developed into Edo's new bustling community.