Kabuki Theater

This is a model reproduction of the front of a kabuki theater. Many signboards were hung on the front of the theater. They would announce the title of the play, actors, story and would introduce some key scenes and so forth. The mark on the tower of the roof was proof that permission was given by the government.
There were four of these big theaters during the Edo era. They were Nakamura-za(this model), Ichimura-za, Morita-za and Yamamura-za. However, in 1714, the Yamamura-za was closed down due to the trouble between the higher rank maid "Ejima" of Edo castle and the popular actor "Ikushima".

This was the original trademark started in 1624.

In 1690, it was changed to the leaf of a ginkgo tree. At this time, the Shogun's new daughter Tsuru was born. Tsuru means crane. The new trademark reflected this change.

Around 1700, it was changed once again to the above design currently used now.