This was the west side room of Ohiroma. Ohiroma was an auditorium. This room and Ohiroma were divided with the sliding door ( Fusuma ). Since the model is cut in the middle of the room, the sliding door is not appeared. The size of Ohiroma was 500 pieces of Tatami. It was about 810m2 ( 1,000 yd2 or 9,000 ft2). The size of one piece of Tatami is 180cm( 6ft ) x 90cm( 3ft ).
The floor of this room was three-step structure. The Shogun sat on the highest place. The family and close attendants sat on the middle. The retainers of an advanced class sat on the lower place.
Usually, the sliding door as a partition was closed. If all retainers gathered in the Ohiroma, a sliding door was opened. While the sliding door was open, all retainers were bowing. Therefore, retainers could not see the Shogun's face at all.