Edo Castle Palace Floor Plan

The yellow line shows the Ohiroma. The blue line shows the Matsu no roka. The red line shows Shiro syoin.

Omote (Front)
1.Gosyoin dai gomon
 Main entrance gate
2.Nou butai
 Noh stage
 Main hall. It's about 830m2 ( 1,000 yd2 )
4.Matsu no roka
 Corridor which connects Ohiroma and Shiroshoin
5.Yanagi no ma
 Waiting room for Daimyo
6.Sotetu no ma
 Waiting room for Daimyo's retainers
7.Tora no ma
 Room for the guard of Edo castle
8.Tou zamurai
 Waiting room for lower rank samurai
9.Metuke syuugousyo
 Room of those who supervise the Daimyo
10.Teikan no ma
 Waiting room for Daimyo
11.Shiro syoin
 Room used for a family formal events.
12.Kiku no ma
 Room for the clerks who defende and guard
13.Kari no ma
 Waiting room for Daimyo
14.Huyou no ma
 Room for magistrate
15.Kuro syoin
 Room used for a family formal events.
16.Goyou beya
 Room for senior shogunal councilor
 Kitchen for the Shogun
18.Daidokoro mae sanjuu yagura
 Tower for defense
Naka-oku (Middle back)
19.Jinae no ma
 The evacuation area for the Shogun in case of an earthquake
 Bedroom for the Shogun
 Bathroom for the Shogun
22.Irori no ma
 The Shogun's relaxing room
23.Goza no ma
 The Shogun's living room
24.Oku nou butai
 The Shogun's private room
25.Soba younin beya
 Dressing room for the Shogun
26.Oku bouzu beya
 The Shogun's private tea room
Ou-oku (Ladies' chamber)
27.Shin zasiki
 A room for the Shogun's mother
 This area contained the Shogun's bedroom, his wife' room, and Laidies in waiting rooms
 The room for entertains visitors from outside the castle
30.Goza no ma
 Room for the Shogun and his wife
31.Gokyuusoku no ma
  Okesyou no ma
 Room for Shogun's wife
32.Naga tubone
 Maids' room