Edo Castle Palace

This model shows a part of the Edo castle palace. Its scale is 1/30. They are ; Ohiroma ("a large chamber"), Matsu-no-roka ("a corridor") and Shiroshoin ("an audience room").
The Edo castle palace was divided into three sections. The section where political affairs were discussed was called Omote (front). The Shogun's living area was called Naka-oku (middle back). And the place where the family and the women lived was called Ou-oku (ladies' chamber).
Naka-oku and Ou-oku were separated by a wall and connected with the long corridor called Osuzu-rouka. "Suzu" means the bell. The bell was sounded when the Shogun passed.
In the early years of the palace, there was only one bell corridor, but after the Great Fire in 1657, a second corridor was built.